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Photo of Edward

Edward Owen

Cinema Manager / BA French and Spanish

Hiya, I'm Ed, Union Films' Cinema Manager, which basically means I organise our amazing committee to make sure we provide the best cinema experience that we can. I personally love a bit of sci-fi or dystopia, anything with a cool futuristic landscape or time/mind-bending stuff. I don't tend to dive too deep into thinking films though, I just watch anything that interests me. I'm mostly here just to provide a great service and be part of an amazing community. Picks for the Autumn Term: Everything Everywhere All At Once, Nope, Three Thousand Years of Longing, The Woman King, Triangle of Sadness
Photo of Ayomide

Ayomide Olumade

Stock Officer / Film and English

Hi I’m Ayo. Outside of loving Film and TV, I love cooking, baking, and sleeping!
Photo of Khairah

Khairah Boukhatem

Volunteer Officer / English and History

hello everyone! i'm khairah your new volunteer officer. i have been on the committee for a few years now so some of you may know me already :) i direct student films and love anything A24 puts out so hit me up for movie recs!
Photo of Hannah

Hannah Argles

Events Officer / BA Geography

Hi, I’m Hannah!! I enjoy long video essays about anything and everything, Eurovision, baking and I am currently attempting to watch all 100+ DCOM’s.
Photo of Michaela

Michaela Trescakova

Publicity Manager / Psychology

Hello there! My name is Michaela and I am a Psychology PhD student. My job as a Publicity manager is to make sure everyone knows about Union Films and knows what we are showing! I am also in charge of ordering posters and standees. My favourite film is The Room - the best film ever made.
Photo of Jamie

Jamie Selwood

Design Officer / Film Studies

Hi, I’m Jamie, I’m a second year film studies student. In my spare time I love cooking, crocheting, and playing video games. My favourite films are ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’, ‘But I’m A Cheerleader!’, and ‘Bound’!
Photo of Stanley

Stanley Cooper

Marketing Officer / Psychology

Hi! My name’s Stanley and I’m an undergrad psychology student. I love films, video games, and meeting new people, so don’t be scared to have a chat with me and I’ll try and act like a normal person :)
Photo of Zoey

Zoey Tuckwood

Deputy Head Projectionist / BSc Environmental Geoscience

Hi! My name is Zoey, I study Environmental Geoscience, and I push a lot of buttons in the little room at the back of the cinema (often in the wrong order). Sometimes I watch sci-fi movies and at other times I play video games. Occasionally you might even catch me breaking our website or the projector (again). Ask me questions about rocks, the ocean, or website things and I might have an answer. I can be found in the office, or the projection booth, during most of our screenings. For my film opinions, look at my Letterboxd.
Photo of Tianxue

Tianxue Gao

Technical Officer / Data Science

Hey! I'm Tianxue, English name's Reece. My favourite film genres are sci-fi and apocalyptic. And I like cats and otters!
Photo of Tyler

Tyler Whiteoak-Dooley

Programme Officer / MMath

Hey! My name's Tyler. I'm Programme Officer, which means I select all the films we show at the cinema. My favourite genre is horror but I'm a big film nerd in general. I'm also on committee for Bee, Film, and Wildlife Soc so say hi if you see me around! For my film opinions, look at my Letterboxd
Photo of James

James Crawford

Communications Manager / Geology with Physical Geography

Heya! I'm James; I'm currently in the second year of my course and the second year of being the Communication Manager at Union Films. My hobbies include tinkering with computers as well as sound and light engineering.
Photo of Elvis

Elvis Dsouza

Web Officer / Master's Computer Science

Hi, I'm Elvis. I am doing my Master's in Computer Science. I enjoy watching most kinds of films with a love/hate relationship with slow burns. My favourites are psychological thrillers. I have also been involved in some filmmaking and I am always seeking collaboration on making student short films. I'm Web Officer here at Union Films, responsible to maintain and improve our website and other related tech stuff!
Photo of Yifan

Yifan Guo

Finance Officer / BSc Business Management

Hi, my name is Yifan, I'm a second year business student. I'm interested in films (obviously), food, games, traveling and swordplays!

About the committee

The committee are a team of 9 who coordinate the running of the cinema. Each member has their own area of responsibility, and will work to make sure their part of Union Films runs smoothly. They are also involved in the planning and production of special events, as well as deciding on the main line up for each season.

If you have any questions or concerns, they are always happy to hear from you!

How do I join?

Every year during the Summer term, an Annual General Meeting is held in the cinema. This is an opportunity to reflect on how the year has gone, and consider the strengths and weaknesses of Union Films. It's also where the committee for next year are elected, and you'll have a chance to run!

Nominees normally have to prepare a short manifesto and speech for their chosen position(s), and may then be asked a few questions. The rest of the audience then vote, and if you win, you're in!

The AGM may not be the only chance to get on the committee. If a committee position becomes vacant during the year, an EGM may be held to fill it.

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