Why Volunteer?

  • You'll get to see films for free!
  • You'll be able to try out new and exciting roles and skills, such as team leading, projection and digital design.
  • You'll have a say in how Union Films is run - from marathons to socials.
  • You'll meet a ton of awesome volunteers.

How do I sign up?

It takes less than 2 minutes to sign up for your first film! Visit the staff site, log in with your University details and follow the instructions on screen. You should receive an email once you have been selected.

Get Started

You can also watch this short video (50 seconds) that guides you through the process of signing up.

Front of House

Front of House is the face of Union Films, providing the customer service for all of ours films. This is the first department you would get involved with, as Front of House run almost everything on the night of the film: they help turn the Cube into the cinema, sell refreshments and check tickets.

All you have to do is sign up for a film, turn up an hour before the film is due to start, help out for an hour and then you get to see the film for free. Volunteers on the night also receive a free soft drink.


Projectionists, as their name suggests, are involved with the actual projection of films. This is primarily on our 3D-capable HD Digital Projector; but we take pride in our Victoria 8 35mm Film Projector (Vicky). Although definitely the most technical department, we offer training regardless of technical background.

Taking place throughout the year, our current team of experienced projectionists bring each trainee up to our professional standards of projection, before bringing them onto the projection staff. Projectionists can see all of the films for free.

If this sounds like your thing then you can read more about our equipment.


Publicity is a critical aspect of Union Films, and is by far the most flexible in terms of time. Publicity is not just about posters and flyering; we make our own posters, trailers and adverts that get shown in the cinema and around the Students Union. We also maintain the social media pages and make sure Union Films looks streamlined and professional.

We're always looking for new minds with fresh ideas to spread the word about Union Films. The publicity team also get points for various completed tasks, which allow them to see films for free, bring their friends, and get free movie posters.


It's not just about the work. The best thing about volunteering at Union Films is that it's a really fun, social experience - both at films and outside of them. We hold a range of socials taking place throughout the year bowling, pizza-parties (with board games), trips to expos, pub crawls, a christmas meal - even Thorpe Park!

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