American Wedding

This time they're going all the way.

They are back for more- a third and last slice of pie-type goodness. This time Jim is taking the big leap- and proposing to his long time lover Michelle (she of Band Camp fame) in a most unusual way. Having been accepted, there then begins the long, emotional and expensive process of planning and running the wedding.

One things however, is guaranteed to mix things up a bit, and not always in a good way- Stifler is back and determined to bed a bridesmaid and to throw Jim the best bachelor party he'll ever have, involving strippers and a smack of S & M for good measure. That’s all well and dandy until the in-laws walk in...

Featuring intimate shaving, pot smoking, doggie-doo jokes and more of Jim's dad than you could shake a trombone at, this could bring the popular series to a final conclusion- ort will it? Will Jim be able to finally take Michelle up the aisle? Will their perfect wedding go ahead despite the best intentions of their friends? And just *what* is Kevin doing to Granny??

With enough 'euw's! and 'errrgggs' to satisfy even the most diehard 'AP' fan, this is one heck of a party- and you are invited to the event of the year, the bridal event of the century. But does the bride have *anything* left to blush over? And will the groom ever be able to outgrow his dad's advice?

Grab a beer and join us for a laugh-filled evening of entertainment that's as American as apple pie.

Rotten Tomatoes Score:



Comedy, Romance


Adam Herz


Jesse Dylan


96 minutes








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