Changing Lanes

An ambitious lawyer, a desperate father, they had no reason to meet, until today,

One morning Gavin Banek is rushing to court to deliver vital paperwork to defend his firm in a major case. At the same time Doyle Gipson is also due in court to contest his ex-wife moving away with his son and taking her visiting rights with her. The two men meet in a minor car crash where Banek leaves Gipson at the crash site. Gipson misses his case and loses custody of his kids while Banek finds that he has accidentally given a key legal document to Gipson by mistake. Gipson is angered by Banek causing him to miss his date and begins to take revenge, sparking a small battle between the two men.

This film seems on the face of it scarily similar to The Fan, but it is so much more. The script is witty and original with a much more intricate plot. Jackson is superb in a role that reminds me of his character in Die Hard with a Vengeance. Affleck after a dodgy last couple of roles is on strong form as the lawyer. The lost document leads to an internal struggle over his will to be a good lawyer and to be a good man. The interesting sub-plots involving Affleck and Collette as lovers while Affleck is engaged to his bosses daughter is intriguing, as the Jackson "recovering alcoholic who wants to see his kids by buying a house" story that drives his need to win the day.

This is not an action film, though there is action but there is also a plot.

Right and Wrong will be defined throughout this film, what type of person would you be?

Rotten Tomatoes Score:



Drama, Thriller


Chap Taylor, Michael Tolkin


Roger Michell


Ben Affleck, Samuel L Jackson, Kim Staunton, Toni Collette, Sydney Pollack


David Arnold


98 minutes








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