Chuck And Buck

Remember those games we used to play?

Painful, unsettling and more than a little creepy. Not, as you might guess, another Kevin Bacon willy moment, but Chuck and Buck, a true original film that whilst being anything but a cosy evening's entertainment, is a funny and daring piece that more than merits seeing through the shudders it will provoke.

When his beloved mother dies, Buck invites his childhood best friend Chuck (confusion hopefully limited) to the funeral. Chuck extends the courtesy back to Buck, telling him to come and see him too some time. Buck though, transforms this casual invite into a full scale stalking of his once closest chum. When Chuck is quite rightly freaked out by this sudden attention, Buck is forced into one final desperate attempt to restore Chuck's affection for him, so he puts on a play of their life together. (Note to guys, this tactic will not endear you to girls).

Proving a major smash at last year's Sundance festival, Chuck and Buck is thrilling in the most straightforward way, as you don't dare to guess what will happen next, but are nevertheless uncomfortably compelled to find out. The subject matter will have you squirming in your seat while also laughing heartily. Ultimately, because Buck is so tenderly naïve, too innocent for the world we live in, you will find yourself worryingly cheering on the crackpot. Way, way out there, but so very worth seeing if you reckon you can take it.

Rotten Tomatoes Score:



Comedy, Drama


Mike White


Miguel Arteta


Mike White, Chris Weitz, Lupe Ontiveros, Beth Colt, Paul Weitz, Maya Rudolph


96 minutes








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