This is a Japanese film with a difference. The difference being that most of the Japanese films that we show are violent horror films (the Ring, Dark Water, The Eye etc.etc.) and this film is not one of those at all. Indeed it is a romantic love story type of a film. Indeed it is 3 romantic stories in one film. Matsumoto and Sawako were a happy couple, but meddling parents and chase for success push the boy to a tragic choice. Hiro is an old Yakuza boss. Thirty years ago he was a poor worker who left his girlfriend to pursuit his dream of success. Now he's back in the park where he used to meet her... Haruna passes her days looking at the sea, her beautiful face is bandaged. Not a long time ago she was a successful popstar whose life consisted in hosting tv shows and signing autographs. Nukui is perhaps her most devoted fan, and today he wants to prove it... This film has had some good reviews and some that call it dull and boring. It is subtitled and there is a lot of dialogue so bring your good eyes with you as you'll need them. The colour is something special (as you would expect set in Japan), the symbolism ain't bad and it is not the happiest film we are showing this season. We have problems in UF picking foreign films, many we have not seen and do not know much about, this film is one of the better

foriegn films we have shown that is not a Japanese horror flick. We have problems finding arthouse films that are not just plain crap (and mostly the person who picks them fails!!). Come see a good foreign and arthouse film at the same time.

Rotten Tomatoes Score:



Drama, Romance


Takeshi Kitano


Miho Kanno, Hidetoshi Nishijima, Tatsuya Mihashi, Chieko Matsubara, Kyôko Fukada, Tsutomu Takeshige


Jô Hisaishi


114 minutes








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