I Capture The Castle

I love, I have loved, I will love.

Based on the novel by Dodie Smith, this is a gentle, moving film about an artistic family around the 1920s/30s living in a castle and trying to make ends meet. It is the story of the practical Cassandra, the romantic Rose and their quests to find love while trying to grow up in difficult times.

Everything seems made when Rose manages to make a match with the son of the local gentry- the landlords of the castle where Rose and Cassandra live with their father and batty stepmother in wonderfully picturesque bohemian poverty. But is Rose as honest and happy as she seems? And what of the younger son, fresh back from America? And what of Cassandra’s own heart? Meanwhile their father, a writer, is stuck in a rut and his own marriage is in jeopardy. It is up to Cassandra, a patient heroine, to sort out her family and to put the pieces back together after semi-scandal, sudden wealth and empty hearts threaten to tear it apart forever.

A tender film about the decisions we make to help ourselves and those we love, and the self-sacrifices of love, ‘I Capture the castle’ is a lyrical tribute to the emotional side of life. It doesn’t need bullets, action or violence to make its point, and goes to show that the bravest actions are the quietest, the most personal. This film, about the solidity of strength of mind and strong personality, features a gorgeous soundtrack, and creates a spell that is a map of the human heart at its most humane and poignant.

Rotten Tomatoes Score:



Drama, Romance


Heidi Thomas


Tim Fywell


Romola Garai, Rose Byrne, Henry Thomas, Marc Blucas, Bill Nighy, Tara Fitzgerald


Dario Marianelli


113 minutes








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