Me, Myself and Irene

From gentle to mental

Evil gits or comic geniuses? I have to declare that the Farrelly brothers are 'love it or hate it' cases. Looking at some of the evidence, policemen drinking urine under the pretence it's beer, one armed ten pin bowler sends the ball down the aisle with his fake hand attached, innocent bloke gets his codpiece mind bogglingly stuck in his zipper and a girl who uses baby batter as hair gel. If this and more is your tipple of choice, then a) help might be required, but also, b) the same is on offer in this slapstick comedy. Jim Carrey plays Charlie, a loveable mild mannered cop who gets treated in a thoroughly unfair way by those around him. This mistreatment leads him to develop a split personality disorder, which means he occasionally lapses into his evil-minded alter ego, Hank. When he is ordered to drive alleged fugitive Irene across the country (and pursued by her corrupt ex-boyfriend), both of his personalities become smitten with her. Cue many 'umorous japes, and much offensive(ly funny) comedy capers.

In this latest effort, the Farrellys really plumb the depths of bad taste in order to make you laugh, as Carrey wees on a neighbour's lawn, pushes kids into ponds and fights with himself in the kind of way only he could. Plenty of humour is to be had in the cracking opening 20 minutes as Charlie's life crumbles around him, as his wife fathers black triplets from a midget chauffeur, locals ridicule him as a laughing stock and young girls squeal expletives at him. Hank is clearly simmering over and on bursting out, provokes equal measures of grimacing and laughter.

Later on, the jokes become patchy and the film seems intent on out-grossing its peers. However, despite lacking the sweetness and heart that made There's Something About Mary and Dumb and Dumber such popular hits, M, M&I is still a crackling little bit of fun. A poor relation to the others perhaps, but nevertheless guaranteed Friday night laughs.

Jim Yelland

Rotten Tomatoes Score:





Bobby Farrelly , Peter Farrelly


Jim Carrey, Renee Zellweger


116 minutes






English, German


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