Phone Booth

A ringing phone has to be answered.

Colin Farrell in a role originally for Jim Carrey (no really) is stuck in a phone booth while a sniper shoots people around him. This film delayed in release and heavily cut due to the sniper killings in the US last year took something like 12 days to film, there is only one main set, the street built in a studio. Colin is targetted because he is a bad person by Keifer Sutherland who as always plays a great psycho bad guy who is only in voice for the majority of the film. Forrest Whititaker plays the cop and Katie Holmes as one of two girlfriends re-enforce this strong cast.

I always try to list reasons why people should come to a film in my reviews. Why should you see this film, Colin is good (and imagining Jim in the role is fun) the plot is different for any film recently where there isn't really a good guy to aspire to. This film was not huge over here so I guess many have not seen it in the cinema or on DVD. It's quite short (shy of 90 min due to editting) so you can easily come to this before heading out to Portswood etc. (but the next film Chance is very good too). It's just a good film that will have you worrying about every phone BOX (damm yanks!) you walk past.

Rotten Tomatoes Score:



Mystery, Thriller


Larry Cohen


Joel Schumacher


Colin Farrell, Kiefer Sutherland, Forest Whitaker, Radha Mitchell, Katie Holmes


Harry Gregson-Williams


81 minutes






English, Swahili


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