Raising Victor Vargas

Different films rely on different things. This film relies on its characters to make it watchable and it just seems to work. This film doesn't really have a plot, it is more a film based on a period of a teenage boy's life.

Victor Vargas (played by Victor Rasuk) is a teenage boy who likes to look tough. His teenage fantasy is Judy (Judy Marte), the local beauty, but this film shows how hard teenage life is for Victor. Victor is currently sleeping with (apparantely) the ugliest girl in New York City. Vicki (played by Krystal Rodriguez), Victor's younger sister, does what younger sisters are best at - spreading gossip. If word were to get out about Victor's private life then his reputation would be dealt a fierce blow. In this case his reputation hit might be the last thing on his mind. His grandmother (played by Altagracia Guzman) is possibly the last person he'll EVER want to get the wrong side of and if she knew... well... she'll give him a right earful (in a really bad sort of way). Victor's younger brother Nino (played by Victor Rasuk's younger brother Silvestre) is also giving Victor trouble (in an indirect sort of way) as Victor takes the blame for Nino's increasing time in the bathroom... (maybe he just showers a lot?). With this happening around him you just can't help but feel sorry for him.

A lack of plot doesn't mean a lack of watchability. These unknown actors give strong performances in this film of 'reality'. Several of the actors have their first-names transfered to the film, which I just feel like pointing out. Watch it!

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Drama, Romance


Peter Sollett


Peter Sollett


Victor Rasuk, Judy Marte


88 minutes




France/ USA


English, Spanish


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