The Good Girl

It's her last best chance... is she going to take it?

A film starring the FRIENDS actress Jennifer Aniston in her bid to make it into the movies. She changes from her comic character of the series to a rather unhappy character in this film.

Justine (Aniston) is a depressed shop cashier in a small town of Texas, whose life is just one long unhappy routine. Her marriage to Phil (John C. Reilly) isn't going anywhere, her job is a dead end, and she can't see a way out of it. Until she notices a recently employed co-worker named Holden (Jake Gyllenhaal). Justine gains a strange attraction to Holden. The source of this strange attraction is down possibly down to that Holden is just about as depressed as Justine. Being "The Good Girl," Justine has a mental clash of what is right and what is wrong. Does she stay true to her lazy, pot-smoking husband, or does she engage in an affair that may be the only possibility of an escape from her life.

A slow paced movie that has some subtle comedy. Interesting for people who like to think about a film and have an opinion. A good film, especially for Jennifer Aniston fans.

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Comedy, Drama, Romance


Mike White


Miguel Arteta


Jennifer Aniston, Zooey Deschanel, Jake Gyllenhaal, John Carroll Lynch, Tim Blake Nelson


93 minutes








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