The Man Who Sued God

Bill Connelly- a man who’s angry sense of humour has tickled funny bones on both sides of the Atlantic stars in a much milder frame of mind in this charming little number from down under.

Billy is Steve Myers, a retired lawyer who now passes his days amiably fishing on his boat, playing with his daughter and staying in a caravan in his ex's and her new partner's caravan park. Into this bohemian lifestyle comes a literal bolt from the blue- poor Steve's boat is shot down by a stray bolt of lightening. After he's told that as this was an 'act of God' and he won't be able to claim on his boat (putting himself and his family in financial trouble), Steve decides to take the insurance companies to court over this loophole by questioning the very existence of God and whether He actually has anything to do with such insurance claims.

Along the way he ruffles a good many feathers and creates a grand sensation that divides the community. Gaining support from other victims of 'acts of God' non-payouts by big companies, Steve fights a moral battle that is witty, outright laughable and with just the right added dash of romance he's on his way to take on the big boys.

A film that is as playful and light-hearted as it is respectful of the subject matter, bringing to light the foibles and problems of human weakness and greed; this is a light piece of fun entertainment. Billy's motor mouth has been reigned in in favour of the occasional excessive gesticulation, and his very Scottish brogue and down to earth manner finds its match in the dry humour and broad accent of the Australian characters.

Recommended for those who like enjoyable light comedy and aren’t afraid of strong words thrown into the mix.

Rotten Tomatoes Score:



Comedy, Drama, Romance


John Clarke


Mark Joffe


Billy Connolly, Judy Davis, Emily Browning


David Bridie


97 minutes








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