Every ant has his day.

"The whole system makes me feel... insignificant". They say ant colonies are meant to be one of the most organised systems in the world. This film is all about such a thing. Just like any other system, there are people who want to break out and people who want to to take over it. These people are ants and the rules don't change.

The story revolves around Z (voiced by Woody Allen), an ant who feels there is more to life than just digging everyday. He has nothing to look forward to and generally feels sorry for himself, until one day he meets the Princess Bala (voiced by Sharon Stone) in a bar. His life is now much happier even when he won't be able to see her ever again after their meeting. Once he hears that there is going to be a royal send-off for all the soldier ants he switches places with his soldier friend Weaver (voiced by Sylvester Stallone) just so he can see the Princess again. However, he does not know the army is about to be sent on a suicide mission by the power-seeking Mandible (voiced by Gene Hackman) against a termite colony. Z then defies numerous odds to make this a visually stunning film.

This animation has a great number of celebrity voices for the characters. Others that have not been mentioned so far are Dan Aykroyd as Chip, Jennifer Lopez as Azleca, and Christofer Walken as Cufler. This film teamed with Toy Story will just make a great evening for any ticket holders.

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