Belleville Rendez-Vous

When you think of animated films, now-a-days there’s only really two sorts coming from any direction, your Disney style Aladin or Mulan, or the computer generated kind, made great by Pixar with films like Monster’s Inc and Finding Nemo. While there’s still a fantastic audience for these films and I personally love Pixar films it does leave you yearning for something a little more creative, something different, animation, but not like the animation you know. This is where Belleville Rendez-Vous comes in. It’s a freaky, adult French animated film. Interested, well wait till you get hit by the plot.

There’s a young lad, whose parents have died and is now living with his grandmother. The boy has a single picture of his parents with a bicycle in it, and as result he’s become obsessed with the things. He cuts out clippings from news papers, and yearns to become France’s best cyclist. An adventure follows including “…an abduction, a trans-Atlantic pursuit, mobsters, ancient old women, potato smasher hand grenades… fucked up stuff with frogs and so much more.” What more could you want, eh?

So if you’re looking for something different to start of 2004 with, this is your ticket.

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Rotten Tomatoes Score:



Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Music


Sylvain Chomet


Sylvain Chomet


Michèle Caucheteux, Jean-Claude Donda, Michel Robin, Monica Viegas


Benoît Charest


80 minutes




France / Belgium / Canada / UK


French, Portuguese


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