Jungle Book 2

Baloo is Back Only In Theatres This February

The original Jungle Book film left Mowgli living in the village, with a foster family. In this sequel he feels out of place in his new home and he's missing the jungle- just across the river. After an argument with his step sister Shanty and some encouragement from his bear friend Baloo (who sneaked into the village), Mowgli decides to return to the forbidden jungle. The film evolves around Shanty's efforts to save Mowgli from the "dangerous" jungle and Baloo's efforts to thwart Shanty and keep Mowgli himself. The tiger Shere Khan is also at large and seeking revenge from Mowgli. Mowgli at first feels happy that he's back, but then he's touched with Shanty's commitment to come to the jungle for him, although under the influence of Baloo he soon forgets about it. However when Shere threatens Shanty Mowgli risks his life to save her, with Baloo doing the same to save Mowgli. Of course it's a Disney film and no-one can be hurt, except perhaps of the bad guys. In the end Mowgli decides to return to his human home while his step-father realises that "the jungle is a part of Mowgli", and they all live happily ever after.

On the overall I'd say that the sequel is not as wonderful as the original but definitely worthy. However, if you use to analyse a film critically we're showing about 50 films each season and you'll certainly find many that suit you- but not this one. If on the other hand you want to leave your brains at home and return to your childhood where everything was naïve and perfect, then see you at the Cinema.

Rotten Tomatoes Score:



Adventure, Animation, Family, Musical


Karl Geurs


Steve Trenbirth


Phil Collins, Jim Cummings, Connor Funk, John Goodman, Haley Joel Osment, John Rhys Davies, Tony Jay, Bobby Edner


Patrick Griffin


72 minutes








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