Man of The Year (O Homem do Ano)

You may well have not heard of this film. Its origin comes from Brazil with debutant José Henrique Fonseca in the director's chair. The film is spoken in Portuguese with English subtitles. Every film can't be in English, it is only fair some aren't. Most of the films you know are in English anyway so don't let this put you off.

The film is basically set around one man, Máiquel, played by Murilo Benício. He is an unemployed man in Rio de Janerio who just wants a normal life (job, family, etc). At the start of the film he gets into an argument with another man in a bar and the argument results in a fight. One things leads to another and Máiquel eventually shoots him dead. Máiquel life then changes and he become a hired hitman doing whatever jobs come along. He earns a reputation which then sees him becoming employed by a group who want to 'clean up the streets'. Máiquel then has what he wants: job as an assassin, two ladies wanting to be his wife, and a family just a matter of time. Unfortunately for Máiquel, he has a concience and all the people he has killed play on his mind. This man's life will now never be normal.

A strong directing debut from Fonseca has brought another good Brazilian film to the UK screens along with "City of God". Rated 15 in the UK this film is not for people who want a 'nice' film. If you appreciate foreign films, watch this. If you hate subtitles then it is up to you. It's a 'free' film if you are a season ticket holder so go anyway!

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Action, Comedy, Crime


Rubem Fonseca


José Henrique Fonseca


Cláudia Abreu, André Barros, Murilo Benício


Dado Villa Lobos


113 minutes








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