Men In Black II

Same Planet. New Scum.

Report: For MIBs Eyes Only

Priority Level: UF-Alpha

Codeword: Uniplex

File Begins.

First there was Tommy. Then there was Will and Tommy. Now there is Will and…a cute pooch?

The boys in black are back, with new allies, new threats and more scum to scrape off the streets of the Earth. It does make one wonder why almost all alien activity/ threats seem to focus on the US, and NY in particular, although that is certainly a novel idea about what Ms Liberty is hiding in her torch…

This time, the MIBs need some secret information locked away in Agent Z’s head, now a Nuralized civilian working in a rural post office. Agent J is sent to get him back and de-Nuralize him using a rather impressive room-sized gadget. When the bad guy- or rather, bad girl attacks, J takes Z and escapes. With the MIB headquarters down, the boss incapacitated and with only a talking dog to help them, the agents must unlock Z’s mind, recover the information and save the galaxy from a rather sexy shape-shifting alien. On the way, more of Z’s past is revealed, as is a very wet method of escape…

With fewer huge set-pieces than the previous film, MIB II still delivers on laughs, ray guns and fun, with plenty to keep fans and newcomers alike satisfied.

File Ends.

You Have Not Read This File, IT And We Do Not Exist.

You Will Come To The Uniplex And Watch This Blockbusting Film.

That Is All.


Rotten Tomatoes Score:



Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi


Robert Gordon, Barry Fanaro


Barry Sonnenfeld


Tommy Lee Jones, Will Smith, Rosario Dawson, Lara Flynn Boyle, Johnny Knoxville, Rip Torn


Danny Elfman


88 minutes








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