Road Trip

The greatest college tradition of all time.

This is a film for those of you who either loved the gross-out humour of American Pie or those of you who are drunk. That'll cover about everyone on a Friday Night then.

The main premise of the film is that Josh lives in New York State and is going out with Tiffany in Texas (for those of you without knowledge of American geography, it's the equivalent of your girlfriend being in Africa - well almost) and they lovingly keep their relationship going via video mail. The situation seems to work swimmingly, given it allows Josh to sleep with Beth and video it. Unfortunately for Josh, it doesn't work quite so swimmingly when the said sex tape accidentally gets mailed to Tiffany (the one in Texas) by his imbecilic friends. So Josh has to head out on a (hey!!) road trip with the constantly drugged out Rubin, nerd Kyle and sex obsessed E.L (played by Sean Scott Williams who played the sex obsessed Stifler in the Pie movie - he's obviously found his calling) to get the tape back before Tiffany sees it and does something undoubtedly nasty to him. Throw in a load of dirty jokes, drugs, theft of a school bus, sperm donation and the destruction of an automobile and you have a rough idea of what Road Trip is all about.

The central foursome are annoying and charming, disgusting and amusing at the same time and the jokes come thick and fast from a variety of bizarre, and occasionally repulsive, sources. The whole thing is held together by the increasingly wacky narration by MTV presenter and Drew Barrymore fiancée Tom Green who tells the story whilst giving a guided tour of the University Campus to prospective students and their parents, something that I'm sure would improve the ones around here.

As with American Pie, which it's eerily similar too, this film is a perfect Friday Night Movie, handy considering that's where it's been put in the season. So grab a few dozen pints from Poundstretcher and come and sit in the dark for a few hours – we've even succumbed to the lowest levels of advertising and have got a free gift for the early birds amongst you.

Please Note – Use of the free gift inside the Debating Chamber will result in being thrown out into the freezing cold with your pants still down.

Rotten Tomatoes Score:



Adventure, Comedy


Todd Phillips, Scot Armstrong


Todd Phillips


Tom Green, Sean Scott Williams, Breckin Meyer, Sean Scott Williams, Amy Smart, Paulo Costanzo, DJ Qualls, Rachel Blanchard


Mike Simpson


93 minutes








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