Austin Powers 3: Goldmember

On July 26th the Secret Will Be Exposed

Oh, baby, behave!

Yes, the man who makes velour look hot, makes bad dentistry erotic, makes impersonations of small rodents sexy and makes women go mad for his mojo, is back in town, with more girls and gadgets, more villains and thrills than ever before.

When Austin's father, one of Britain's top spies, goes missing in the line of duty, it is up to Austin to rescue his estranged papa, defeat the bad guys and save the day. Travelling once more through time to the raving seventies, the spy who puts the 'voom' before 'va va' is soon facing a new enemy (also played by the talented Mike Myers in one of his multiple roles) at his own sinister roller disco. (Aww, c'mon, anyone who does what he has with the décor is not sane). But with the help of the lovely Foxy Cleopatra, Austin is on his way to finding his father, and unearthing some shocking family secrets that make Jerry Springer's show look tame by comparison.

With a fanfare and shower of sequins, Austin Powers is back on the big screen, bigger than ever. Look out for the cameos at the start of the film- those alone are worth the price of the ticket, and they are just the tip of the entertainment iceberg. The soundtrack is once more a great selection of funky tunes that will have your toes tapping, including a number by Mike Myers' own band- a soulful rock'n'roll tune that Austin sings at his 'modest' bachelor pad during a swinging party. Packed with saucy Chinese school girls, sharks with laser beams strapped to their heads, disgusting bodily habits (one word: skin), and featuring appearances by Fat Bastard (now working as a sumo wrestler) and Michael Caine as Austin's distant father, this romp through the world of spying shows that it's never too late to get funky, or to say sorry.

Cheer with us when Britney Spear's head explodes, gasp when Goldmember reveals why he so named, laugh at Dr Evil (you know you want to) and quake with terror at Scott Evil's hair loss...mwahahahahaha... MWAahahahahaahahah... MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!... MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!

Rotten Tomatoes Score:



Action, Adventure, Comedy, Crime


Mike Myers, Michael McCullers


Jay Roach


Mike Myers, Beyoncé Knowles, Michael Caine, Seth Green, Verne Troyer


George S. Clinton


94 minutes






English, Japanese, German


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