Matrix Reloaded

Free your mind.

Ah The Matrix Reloaded? the highlight of freshers week!!

Some films are so huge that reviewing them is really hard ? this is one of those films.

Multiple Agent Smiths a thrilling in and out of doors chase, a huge showdown in the matrix on a highway, basically what I?m trying to say is that the film fires on all cylinders when it comes to action, yes the story might not be that fulfilling because we know its not the end yet, but its still an example of an action movie which does action very very well indeed.

Before any Matrix fans try to track me down at the UF office and kill me, I?m not saying the plot is weak, just suffers a bit from being the middle of three films, having said that, great cliff hanger can?t wait to see how they resolve that!!

If you haven?t seen this already firstly where have you been? And secondly take advantage of this opportunity to get up to speed before the third one hits us in a months time.

If you have already seen it, come back and remind yourself of exactly what?s said so you can keep up in November.

Finally this is exactly the type of film the silver screen was designed for? its just not the same on small screens so come and enjoy this from the comfort of your very own union!

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