Resident Evil

A secret experiment. A deadly virus. A fatal mistake.

Consider many hi-tech modern buildings. There is a computer system that controls every lock on every door. It probably can be linked to the CCTV cameras, infrared sensors, and other intrusion detection systems. It may even be linked to the air conditioning, the smoke detectors, fire shutters and the sprinkler system. Today, there is a human behind this computer, who will set-up security policies, fire handling routines, and will (hopefully) have overall control of the system. Tomorrow, a super-computer, known as Red Queen will do this for us. Now add a highly contagious virus capable of raising the dead into said building, and we have the setting for Resident Evil. Yes, this is zombie film.

So what of the plot? When said virus is released in one of the Umbrella Corporation's research labs, Red Queen locks down the building, killing everyone in it, as a way of preventing the spread of the lethal virus.

This is where our stars come in. Alice (Milla Jovovich), an Umbrella agent who is suffering from amnesia after breathing in a nerve gas released by Red Queen, and a crack SWAT team must penetrate the building, shut down Red Queen, and retrieve the anti-virus. Along the way, they must beat Red Queen's security systems, zombies, and a variety of undead creatures.

Milla Jovovich (Alice) has played a variety of action-orientated characters in the past, and this one is no different. Alice is a strong member of a covert security team, ready to fight off something capable of destroying mankind with the martial arts skills to leave any 'living dead', just plain dead. Michelle Rodriguez (Rain Ocampo) plays the part of a commando in the SWAT team, and must take leadership of the unit after the team leader dies. Michaela Dicker plays the part of Red Queen beautifully with a fantastic monotone reminiscent of HAL from 2001).

Although this film is based on the best selling series of computer games of the same name, no prior knowledge of these is necessary. All the best bits from the game are present including the sense of tension, the action and a number of recognisable enemies.

This is a thoroughly enjoyable film with a number of thrilling parts including zombie carnage, action packed gun battles, and a high-speed train battle between the living and undead. This is an especially good zombie movie even though it isn't as gory as some, but the suspense and action make this worth watching.

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Action, Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller


Paul W.S. Anderson


Paul W.S. Anderson


Milla Jovovich, Michelle Rodriguez, Eric Mabius, James Purefoy, Martin Crewes


Marco Beltrami


100 minutes








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